Dear Dish Network: SUCK IT

Are you freakin’ kidding?
You want me to do what now?  This is your solution?
I want a box that doesn’t freeze, if I have to go through all of the steps below to get a box that doesn’t freeze, then I can think of easier ways, one is to call direct TV the other is to call Comcast.
Either send me a new box or fix this one.  I’m not your tech for hire, I’m the customer.
Jason Fortune
P.S. Seriously, scroll down and read what you’re telling your Customers to do.  It’s insane.  You should be able to fix this remotely or send me a new box that works, it’s just that simple.
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On Tue, Mar 9, 2010 at 2:49 PM, Tech <> wrote:

Dear Mr. Fortune,
Thank you for your email. Please follow the steps below and fill in the blanks provided. Returning the information requested will assist us in providing you with an accurate and efficient resolution.
1. Press the Menu button on your remote control.
    • Select System Setup
    • Select Installation
    • Select Point Dish
2. On the point Dish screen perform the following to gather signal strength information:
    • Use the left and right arrow buttons on the remote to highlight Satellite.
    • Once highlighted, push up or down on the remote to change the satellite number.
    • Change the satellite to 119 and then push the left or right arrow button until you highlight the Transponder or Spot Beam.
    • Once highlighted, push the up or down arrow buttons to change the transponder. Each time you change to a different number, the signal may change.
    • Change the satellite and transponder to fill in the blanks below for the signal strength. Please note if the signal bar does not change back to green after switching numbers.
    • Satellite 110°
     Transponder 15_____  
     Transponder 16_____  
    • Satellite 119°
     Transponder 15_____  
     Transponder 16_____
3. Reset the receiver by holding the power button on the front of the receiver for 10 seconds. The receiver will reset and acquire satellite signal. Once this is complete your channels should return.
If the picture freezes after the reset, then please continue:
Please follow the steps below to program your remote control to your receiver:
1. If using a remote with Indicator Tab (green, blue, or black chip at the bottom of the remote) verify the remote is in the correct location.
    • For TV1, the remote for the room with the receiver, verify the bottom of the remote has a green tab labeled with a number 1.
    • For TV2, the remote for the room away from the receiver, verify the bottom of the remote has a blue tab with the number 2.
2. Press the System Info Button on the front of your receiver.
    • If you do not have a System info button on your receiver then power the receiver off from the front panel and press the up or down arrow button on the front of the receiver. System info will appear on screen.
3. Towards the bottom of the screen is Remote Address. Take note of what the number is next to Remote Address.
    • For TV1 look for Primary Remote Address
    • For TV2 look for Secondary Remote Address.
4. Press and hold the SAT button on the remote control about six seconds or until all mode button backlights come on, then release.
    • If you start this procedure and at any time do not press a button within 20 seconds, the remote will end the procedure automatically. Simply start over again.
5. Use the number buttons to enter a number from 1 to 15. Use a different number then the one next to Remote Address. The light will blink off after each digit is entered and then return to a steady light.
6. Press the Pound (#) button. If the code entered is valid for the remote, the SAT mode light flashes three times.
7. Press the Record button. The number in the Remote Address field should match the one you input.
8. To verify the code, press and hold the SAT mode button until the mode lights come on. Then press the pound (#) button twice. The light will flash the address.
9. Press select. You will either receive picture or the screen will lose picture and become black or snowy.
    • If you lose picture, press the big red power button on the remote. This will turn the receiver on and picture should appear on the screen.
10. Once you have picture verify you can change channels using the remote control.
11. The receiver will acquire signal. After a picture is received, verify the remote controls the receiver by changing channels.
Thank you for taking time to contact us. General billing and programming information can be found at If you have any further questions or concerns, you can reply to this email or call 1-800-894-9131 for more specific information.
Jeanne KRZ
DISH Network E-Care

Marianne/ 7tu
Hi there –
After a year and a half of use, I think my ViP 612 DVR is dying.  At first it was just sporadic, completely freezing and needing to be re-set. I tried all of the trouble-shooting advice (have ruled out weather and unplugged it from the surge protector for 15 seconds so it really, really re-sets), all to no avail.
Sunshine or Rain, while recording or just watching live tv, it will just freeze.  Now it’s doing it during it much more frequently, at least once or twice a day during my favorite shows, including Overhaulin’, so I’ve gone from mildly agitated to full-on aggravated.  I just have to walk away from it, because it’s recording it, and if I reset, it doesn’t stitch the two pieces of recordings together and you lose a big chunk of the program while the machine resets itself.


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